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Empty Yard Tally, EUR 75/ month per yard*
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containers on yard recorded on Android phone or tablet, or received by EDI from gate or guay app:

  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • cloud administration of trusted devices (no SmartPhone login)
  • cloud 1(one) fleet manager (shipping line)
  • cloud default container number prefixes, ISOs, 20'/40' empty weights, fleet manager setup
  • cloud to SmartPhone sync
  • @yard Android SmartPhones, unlimited
  • @yard SmartPhone online or offline
  • cloud receive EDIFACT CODECO gate moves (or ANSI/ X12 322)
  • cloud receive EDIFACT COARRI quayside moves
  • @yard SmartPhone container query
  • @yard SmartPhone adding/ subtracting to stock
  • @yard SmartPhone single click speed dial predefined values
  • @yard SmartPhone predefined values exception typing
  • @yard SmartPhone to cloud sync
  • cloud fleet manager EDI messaging monitor
  • cloud daily stock per fleet manager PM performance measurement

*upto 4,000 containers on yard  *collaboration features provided via supporting arl-share.com platform

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