Mobile bayplan, in your pocket..

  • Android smartphone onboard vessel
  • transfer bayplan BAPLIE from stowage
    computer by cable
  • dashboard summary with containers per bay
  • bay & tier selector
  • slot-by-slot slider same tier, for easy
    physical inspection
  • container bayplan visibility
  • payable add-on: smartphone editor with
    stowage computer re-import

in-bay container slot smartphone visibility:

  • container number
  • ISO
  • operator
  • load
  • discharge/ delivery
  • full/ empty
  • weight, VGM yes/no
  • live reefer, temp settings
  • IMO/ hazardous details
  • OOG details
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for container vessel deck crew tired of carrying clipboard around all cargo bays..



What, if no internet onboard?

No internet required to run app. Install the app while smartphone is internet connected; after installation and registration, no internet connection is required.

How to connect to onboard stowage computer?

Connect by USB cable in deck office. Transfer bayplan from stowage computer to smartphone before doing the physical bay inspections.

How is bay navigation done?

Bay navigation is reflecting the physical tier-by-tier inspection done by deck crew.

Which Phones?

Almost any Android phone or tablet will do:

  • Operation System: Android v. 5.1
  • Screen resolution: 480x800, 4"
  • Memory:  500Mb RAM
  • Camera:  recommended

Note: Google Play search may not find the app, if searching device doesn't meet minimum requirements.

What does it cost?

Viewer is free. Forever. For any container vessel.

Only pay a (low) monthly subscription fee optional editing capability and other add-on features. All prices include support, handheld app software, cloud software, maintenance and occasional feature upgrades.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees..

When is the system available after sign-up?

Immediately, upon Google Play download, installation and registration.

Costs for improved features?

Your ideas for improved features are welcomed! Improved features are included in new versions automatically deployed regularly -no additional fees -additional subscription for new modules may be applied.

What phones are recommended?

Any reasonably new Android phone or tablet works. Minimal specification:

  • Operation System: Android v.5.1
  • Screen resolution: 480x800, 4"
  • Memory:  500Mb RAM
  • GPS sensor: required
  • Camera:  recommended

Note that Google Play search on your Android device may not find app if searching device doesn't meet minimum requirements.

How is app installed on smartphone?

App is downloaded from Google Play and after registration with your name and vessel details, is installed on your Android phone. After initial installation, no internet connection is required.

Container apps

arl Crane Logger - Log Crane Activities in Real-Time. On a Smartphone. From the Quay-side or Onboard.

Log Crane Activities Activities in Real-Time. Get insight in actual net crane working hours. And reasons for stoppages. Average one minute wait for yard truck for 400 discharge containers for long crane, is several hours vessel delay sailing to next port.

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arl Crane Executor - Stevedore On-quay Recording of Discharge and Loading in Real-time on Smartphone.

Stevedore record discharge and loadings on the quay-side. sync smartphone with the cloud, and EDIs (COARRIs) are off to the shipping line. Accurate departure BAPLIE when vessel leaves. All done. No more to do.

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arl Reefer Monitor - Record reefer containers performance on smartphone while walking the bays..

Reefer containers temperature readings monitored from mobile app, sync'ed to the cloud, and Video Wall monitoring with alarms monitoring all live reefers onboard all vessels in fleet.

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arl Marine Logger - Log Vessel Marine Arrival and Departure in Real-Time from Bridge Wing or Quay Side.

Log Vessel Marine Arrival and Departure from anchorage arrival, anchoring and pilot embarking, until all fast and cargo handling commencement. Just takes a smartphone with cloud sync. Inform stakeholders by chat or email. Improve marine and cargo handling process.

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arl Gate Executor - Smartphone in the gate. Record containers as they pass inbound or outbound. Point camera for auto-OCR. Make snapshot of damages. EDI to line. Done

Record gate traffic on smartphone in the gate. On the spot. In real time. Photo condition of container. Sync to cloud. Equipment fleet operator (shipping line) is automatically updated by EDI (CODECO or X12/322). Done.

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arl Yard Tally - Keep track on containers on the yard. On a smartphone. It works.

Yard stacking area location. Warehouse or repair area. Auto-generate daily empty stock donut chart to equipment fleet operators (shipping lines). Capture smartphone GPS when recording yard drop.

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arl Yard Drone Inventory - Drone Scanning of Containers on the Yard. Full Inventory with Geo Location. Just like that.

Yearly or bi-yearly inventory check. No army of people needed. No clipboards. Recording of containers on all tiers, by drone with camera OCR and GPS for geo location.

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arl On-demand Truck IoT - Monitor that "your" yard trucks are really your yard trucks.

Live map tracking of trucks servicing the vessel. Notification by email or chat if idle away from quay. Or if leaving quay area.

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arl Last Mile Container Tracker - Track Containers Live on the Road from Discharge Port to Warehouse

Track containers enroute from discharge port to the warehouse. By online map. By chat. Notification when close to warehouse.

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In-Bay Bayplan Viewer - smartphone app for container vessel deck crew tired of carrying bayplan clipboard around all cargo bays

The mobile app for container vessel deck crew tired of carrying clipboard around all cargo bays.

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