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◢ Discharge Plan and Move Confirmation

Crane Executor Basic, EUR 200/ month per site or vessel, +EUR 10/ vessel port call, +EUR 16/ 100 moves

         Include (mandatory)*

Cloud office and Android/ Windows phone/tablets for near-realtime load and discharge EDI: COARRI moves confirmation, message passing to shipping line during the call.

  • cloud vessel port call prepare, release and close
  • cloud call EDI: BAPLIE arrival condition
  • cloud call EDI: BAPLIE discharge list
  • @quay Android or Windows tablets/phones, unlimited
  • @quay near-realtime move confirmation (discharge, load and shiftings)
  • cloud auto (FTP) or manual EDI/message exchange
  • @quay planned discharge single-click confirmation
  • @quay unplanned load, discharge and shift move
  • @quay misstow, shortship and overland handling
  • @quay vessel and per-bay status dashboard
  • cloud planned/ remaining discharge status dashboard
  • cloud sync status monitor
  • cloud container prefix, ISO, full/empty discharge, empty weight, container operator default
  • @quay single click default value entry
  • @quay bay and vessel status dashboard
  • cloud export EDI: BAPLIE actual departure condition
  • cloud export EDI: COARRI discharge, load and shift move confirmation
  • cloud handled moves (load, discharge and shifting) recap
  • cloud handled moves (load, discharge and shifting) count performance measurements

*fees settled 3 months in advance at all times