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◢ Liquid Bulk Vessel Port Call Time Sheet

Port Call Handling Timesheet Logging, EUR 50/ vessel or site per year +EUR 20/ port call
         Include (mandatory)

real-time Liquid Bulk Port Call Handling Timesheet Logging on Android smartphone from onboard or quay-side with cloud sync':

  • Google Play app download to smartphone
  • Android smartphone app, unlimited
  • cloud logins, unlimited
  • smartphone real-time milestones logging
  • cloud milestones selection; fleet- or port-wide milestones alignment
  • smartphone vessel marine arrival milestones, anchorage, NOR
  • smartphone tanker vessel discharge and load preparations, tank inspections, pumps and lines readiness
  • smartphone tanker vessel safety milestones, gas detectors, pressurized accomodation, nitrogen system check, safety meetings
  • smartphone tanker vessel discharge and loading start & end, suspend & resume
  • smartphone vessel marine departure, pilot ordered timings
  • smartphone to cloud logged milestones sync
  • cloud logged milestones visibility

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