Breakbulk Port Operations Cargo Handling Recording

  • Google Play app download
  • Android app for mobile phone or tablet
  • mobile real-time breakbulk discharge
  • mobile real-time breakbulk loading
  • mobile handling gear recording
  • mobile loading cargo hold & deck recording
  • mobile status and remaining handling dashboard
  • mobile stevedore local language

  • cloud sync handling recordings
  • cloud visibility of vessel handling progress
  • bags, cartons, drums, ingot
  • pallets, bales, beams, rolls
  • boxes, coils, pipes, sheet, timber
  • cloud post-call handling volume performance measurements
  • cloud post-call recap
  • cloud post-call handling productivity performance measurements
  • cloud and mobile stakeholder sharing
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for terminals, port operators, port authorities, breakbulk vessel operator, port agents or representatives



How do I get the Android Breakbulk Tally?

Download from Google Play.

How do I get a cloud login?

Sign-up here.

What are the costs?

From EUR 175 vessel per month, plus EUR 20 per vessel port call. See details here.

When are fees due?

Monthly invoices are due after 10 days.

Monthly subscription fees are invoiced 3 months in advance; transaction fees are invoiced the following month.

When can I start?

Upon sign-up invoice including 3 months subscription fee is emailed to you. Upon receipt of payment, you access the cloud.

What are the costs?

No upfront license costs.

Just a monthly subscription fee, and usage fees depending on number of vessel port calls logged. Prices include support, hosting, mobile app and cloud software, maintenance and regular feature upgrades.

What are the starting costs?

EUR 175 per month per site or per vessel, plus EUR 20 per vessel port call.

Do I pay for support?

Next day response e-mail support is included in the monthly subscription fees.

When is the system available after sign-up?

After you sign-up, an invoice will be emailed to you including 3 months subscription fee. Upon receipt of your payment access to the system is provided.

How about server and hosting costs?

No servers or server software is required; all cloud server costs are included in the monthly subscription fees.

Costs for improved features?

Your ideas for improvements are welcome! Improved features are provided regularly -no additional fees.

Which Android device can be used?

Any mobile or phablet, which can be stored safely in the logging clerk pockets, with the following minimum specs:

  • Operation System: Android 4.4
  • Screen resolution: 480x800, 4"
  • Memory:  500Mb RAM
  • GPS sensor: required
  • Camera: recommended with autofocus

Note that Google Play search may not find Breakbulk Tally if searching device doesn't meet minimum requirements.

How does the tablet device connect to the cloud server?

Sync via port or office WiFi/ Wlan or mobile data plan. 3G network access is recommended.

Does the Breakbulk Tally interact with other terminal systems?

All confirmed handlings can be extracted in standard CSV/Excel format for easy reuse.

What if terminal also support other cargo types next to breakbulk?

Check out the Ro-Ro Tally, Dry Bulk Tally and Crane Executor in Google Play.

Crane Logger dashboard

Apps @Quay

arl Crane Logger - Log Crane Activities in Real-Time

Log meal, weather, maintenance and other breaks from your Android handphone or phablet. Post call statistics on crane activities are automatically provided. The crane dashboard monitors current crane activities.
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ARL Crane Executor - Stevedore Rugged Handheld Support for Discharge and Loading Operations

Use offline handheld terminals for onsite updates. Synchronize encrypted data with server and other handheld units via port-WIFI or public G3/GPRS. One handheld per quay crane at work is used in parallel.
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arl Quay Crane Visualiser - Graphical Bayplan and Load/Discharge Confirmation under the QC and in the QC Cabin

Give the hatch clerk, tally men and quay crane driver online access to the graphical bayplans and crane work queue from a graphical tablet device.
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arl Lashing Planner - Optimize your lashing assignment scenario, plan cost effective lashing, follow execution progress and measure the results.

Use arl Lashing Planner to optimize the lashing operational flow and cover the lashing tasks with minimum number of staff & equipment!
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arl Call Performance - Measure handling performance of vessel calls @terminal

Performance measurements are generated automatically from the completed operations reflected in the TOS (terminal operating system) and possibly supporting systems..
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Marine Logger - Log Marine Operations Milestones from Phone and Monitor on Video Wall

Vessel marine arrival and departure loggings from Android phone, with cloud sync and video wall monitoring and stakeholders distribution

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Ro-Ro Logger - Log Ro-Ro Operational Activities in Real-Time

Log meal, weather, maintenance and other breaks from your Android handphone or phablet. Post call statistics on crane activities are automatically provided. The crane dashboard monitors current crane activities.
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